Comatose Dreams

by Terrain

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releases November 1, 2017



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Terrain Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FL indie-rock / folk / punk. New album due spring 2016.




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Track Name: Love Is In The Air
I always see two birds in every bush
Blessed with the freedom of flight
But destined to their nests
Once I held a bird in my own hands
But she flew away
After a few seasons at best

Like cardinals, we'd sing to each other
Like a pair of owls, stayed awake through the night
Like parrots, we spoke all the time
Until one day...

She shed all her colorful feathers
And dove like a dove to the bay
But like a falcon, she quickly recovered
And found the swan she's still with today

And she says, "I still need you like I need a cigarette,
but darling, I quit smoking them years before"
And I say, "I still need you like I need a child's blanket
that I'm just too old to sleep with anymore"

Once, I was desperate to learn how to fly
So I could soar with her through the air
But by now, she's settled in a nest down south somewhere
And I wouldn't dream of ever disturbing her there

Now I live on the greenest of grass
But I still long for the blue of the sky
From the memory of her in my head
Like a jay with broken wings
I'd have given anything to glide
But I've resigned to singing instead

Love is in the air
But I'm still on the ground